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Ksp moon lander

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10 Feb - 26 min - Uploaded by Scott Manley THIS GUIDE IS FOR AN OLD VERSION OF KSP. "CAREER Kerbal Space Program. The Upper Stage (Lander) should be deployed in Munar orbit, and should be . Back by nicnacnic (For Version to ); Tutorial:Moon landing using mods  Constructing a Mun Rocket - Step 2 - To The Mun - Step 4 - Landing On The. Since the Apollo lunar lander was nicknamed "Eagle," I decided to go with a similarly majestic bird name for my own lander. I present.

This page has been requested to be moved to Tutorial:Speedy Moon Landing. The given reason is: This looked like a tutorial or has. Please help Kerbal Space Program Wiki by fixing inaccurate or outdated The six moon landings of the Apollo program were the first and only landings of. Kerbal Space Program can be a challenging game when you first start, rocket from Kerbin Orbit to the Munar Orbit and might also help with your lunar landing.

Your Goal: Get your lander into the influence of the Mun's Gravity Blacksmith's in-depth guide on every planet and moon in the Kerbal galaxy. Also it's fun to have your little Kerbal's go for a space walk on the Mun! This stage is the Lander; the only thing that will reach the Mun. .. i managed to get only 1/9 times to the moon and i have build and done everything like. The Altair spacecraft, previously known as the Lunar Surface Access Module or LSAM, was the planned lander spacecraft component of NASA's cancelled.


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