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Lipid metabolism ppt

Lipid metabolism ppt

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LIpid digestion and absorption including lipid catabolism and fatty acid beta oxidation. Lipoprotein Metabolism. John R. Guyton, M.D.. Associate Professor of Medicine. Duke University. Durham, NC. Lipid Structure. HO. Cholesterol. COOH. COOH. Lipid Metabolism. Overview. Fatty acids (F.A.s) are taken up by cells. They may serve as: precursors in synthesis of other compounds; fuels for energy production .

Lipid metabolism. Dr. Meera Kaur. Learning objectives. To understand. How fatty acids are activated and transported into mitochondria for oxidation. Oxidation of. Lipid nomenclature. • Fatty acids. • triacylglycerols: know structure. • phospholipids. • waxes. • sphingolipids. • Glycosphingolipids. • Isoprenoids. • Steriods. ❑By the end of lecture the student should: ✓Identify importance of lipids in food. ✓Describe digestion of different types of lipids. ✓Illustrate absorption of lipids.

Lipids Metabolism To determine the interrelationship between the lipids intake and human physiology; To analyze how different individual and gender react to. Lipid metabolism disorders. 2. Physiologic importance of lipids. ▫ lipids are. – (1) source of energy (TAG → FFA) – typical daily intake ~ g/d. ▫ adipose. Roles of lipids Largest energy store Insulation Structural components Membranes Hormones Carrier Fat-soluble vitamins.


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