Black History Month and Other Cons

Stuart Miles

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February is black history month. How ridiculous is that? Every minority culture wants equality—or so they claim. But a month set aside to celebrate only one culture is racism with a healthy dash of entitlement. If you really want equality then where is white history month? But oh no, whites celebrating whites is racism but blacks or Arabs or Jews or Indians celebrating themselves is cultural pride. Why is that?Black history month started as a week in the middle of February intended to teach the history of American blacks. The date was chosen because it coincided with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln (February 12) and that of Frederick Douglass (February 14).I’m not just picking on ethnic groups. Women are just as stupid. We claim to want equality. Yet, February hosts Valentine’s Day where otherwise independent, strong women suddenly turn into entitled princesses who expect men to buy them roses, chocolate […]

Walking on Sunshine Instead of Dancing in November Rain


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A cool refreshing glass of ice water… quenches the thirst, cools your pallet and feels invigorating as the cold water splashes down your throat on a hot summer day.This year’s warm November weather allows for us to continue drinking those cold beverages rather than the hot chocolates we used to consume at this time of the year to ward off the November chill. This November weather is far removed from the cold November rain days we have been used to in Novembers past. After all, 2015 has set many record-breaking temperatures and has averaged, to date, to be the warmest year on record.Mainstream and social media outlets continuously reference the warm weather. There are endless selfies of people on patios at lunchtime, eating and drinking as if it were summer still. How many of us have thought about this—I mean really, really thought about it?News media weather journalists refer to El Niño’s, […]

The World’s Oldest Profession


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A woman I know has an arrangement with a wealthy older man. When he calls, she dolls herself up and goes—well, not running because of his penchant for super high heels, but you get the idea.This has been going on for more than four years. Other than sex, their worlds never meet. He is a businessman who flies all over the world; she is a city girl who flies through designer clothing racks. She is a junk food junkie. He is a health nut who is focused on fiber content. They have no friends in common, no hobbies to share, nothing that ties their lives together except sex.It seems obvious that she is a call girl. Except that one piece of paper hidden away in his home office safe calls her his wife. They both reside at the same address, albeit in different portions of the house.So my question is: […]