Cyber Bullying and the Writer


by Carrie De SimasArticle Categories: ,


I’ve known bully types. Who hasn’t? My husband’s ex-wife was one rabbit away from a Glenn Close impersonation. Notes on our car. Phone calls to his phone and then mine at all hours of the night (I think her record was 26 calls in 12 minutes). Emails that went on for pages and pages in a flat-out rant and filled with threats to him and their child. I did my best to manage this on my own for the sake of my stepson. I have never paid much heed to bully types because for the most part I believe that if you need to incessantly bark threats and insults like some small dog, that’s probably the worst of your bite too. The time came though that this yappy bully went to far. I called the police and reported her. The police’s bark was far louder than hers and she tucked […]