Squish Negative Thinking With a Simple Child’s Tool

Karyn Connor

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We all know that sound. The little voice in our heads that questions a word choice, whispers that perhaps the scene isn’t going well, suggests that perhaps this manuscript we’re working on is never going to capture the vision in our heads.Whether it’s a tiny whisper, or a full out scream, every writer I have ever met has encountered these negative thoughts from time to time.But what to do about it?Then I discovered something so simple and so effective, I could almost hear that negative little voice whimpering in neglect. Now, whenever I hear that nagging little voice in my head, questioning or criticizing, I resort to a parenting trick my husband and I use for our toddler.The time out.When done well, a time out for children is not supposed to be a punishment, especially at the young age of two and a half. What it is supposed to be, […]

Be Wary of Your Friends

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I have always been a designer. I just didn’t always know how to knit or sew. But I had a knack for looking at things and seeing the beauty in them that could be made more prominent if only there was a color change here, or a hem change there. I tried learning to sew in my early teens by purchasing a pattern from a local fabric store. I was in a knot of frustration by the end of the weekend. Turns out that I love to create designs, not follow them.  In university, a roommate of mine and I learned to knit through my stepmother. Or rather, she learned to knit and I got frustrated to the point that the wicked stepmother gave up on me. Years later, the same roommate succeeded in teaching me to knit. Then she tried to teach me to follow a pattern.  She too […]

Embrace Jealousy to Achieve Personal Success


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Chase the fear: Some fears are founded. Don’t run full-tilt towards the barrier-free edge of the Cliffs of Mohr and see if you have it in you to stop in time. But when fear of doing something you love (or think you will love) holds you back from trying…this is a different kind of situation. This is what I call a ‘jealousy indicator’.  Basically, it’s that inner voice highlighting those things you want to try or have but have thus far been too afraid, or unaware of, to go after. If you pay attention to it, jealousy can be a great tool, both personally and professionally. It can act as a personal guide pointing out the goals and desires you might not have been aware of. When an author friend of mine was awarded a three-book deal with a big publisher based on her debut novel, jealousy struck. Rather than […]

When To Delete Someone From Your Social Media Network

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Social media has become a vital part of the self-published author’s life. It’s a way to network, self-promote, connect and grow as a professional. As with all relationships, though, there has to be boundaries. So how do you know when to delete someone from your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts? To unfriend them? As an editor, I use my Facebook account as a professional tool. My British blood means that I like to keep my private life private and thus I put very little in terms of personally revealing information on my public platforms. I also have a strict no-BS and no-bad-blood policy for anything associated with my name. This means that I am ruthless when it comes to social gardening, aka plucking out the damaging elements in my online social world. My branding—and that of GoneWithTheWord—is a position of positivity. We look for strengths and celebrate personal and professional positivity. […]

Fiction Writers Who Have Changed The World

Simon Howden

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Fiction writers can change the world. We can even make it better!  It’s easy to see the effects of certain books on the world. Religious texts, for example: The Bible. The Koran. The Book of the Dead… The list goes on. These books have changed the world. Some say for better, some say for worse. Regardless, their impact on how societies think, behave and view life cannot be refuted.  Does your writing impact people? Can you infuse it with a new level of meaning and change the world? Most fiction writers would scoff at this. Fiction is an escape, a fantasy, or a brief adventure at best. In response to this, I give you Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictitious detective, Sherlock Holmes: ‘It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.’
 (A Scandal […]

Use Fiction to Make a Difference – How to Empower Women Through Erotic Fiction


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Do you consciously put positive messages into your character’s dialogue? (i.e. “This was me telling you this is my body. I own it and what happens to it. And I only give it to men who respect it. And you can’t have it.”— Nicole, I Love My Secret)  SL: Yes, I guess I do. I want women to know that their body is theirs—and it’s precious. Even Nicole, who has casual hookups, chooses men who respect her so she can be free with them. She won’t be with a man who doesn’t. Because a man SHOULD respect that you are letting him inside. You. Are. Letting. Him. Inside.  What is the message you want your books to give to your female readership? SL: Some of us have to overcome hurdles. My characters fall in that category. I write about integrity to self and to your friends. I want my female readership to support other women, […]

How to Discover and Develop Your Fiction Voice — Tips by Author Nat Russo


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How did you find your narrative voice?  NR: If I had to single out a specific technique or “attribute” of voice, I would have to say “attitude” is the most important element. What the character sees, hears, tastes, smells, and physically touches is often far less interesting than what they think about what they’re sensing. That’s their attitude. And that, I believe, is what adds the necessary spice to my narration. Have you ever tried to emulate other writers’ voices?  NR: Sad to say, I made a feeble attempt at paying homage to Tom Clancy in one section of my book Necromancer Awakening. I thought it was absolutely brilliant, until several readers pointed out the opposite. My primary beta reader eventually said something like “stop trying to be the next Tom Clancy and be the first Nat Russo instead. You’re far better at being Nat than you are at being Tom!” I […]

How to Best Manage Negative Reviews and Pirated Copies of Your Books


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I see many writers on social media complaining about negative reviews or variations of what they perceive as bad publicity. Although no writer yearns for bad press, pirated copies of their books or harsh criticisms, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle it. In martial arts, the student learns that you don’t block a punch because that means you take the full impact of the thrown fist. What you do, is grab the fist and pull it through, following the forward momentum of the punch and throwing the attacker off guard so that they are the ones to fall into the mud, not you. The same is true of negative publicity and reviews. Grab that review and follow it through. You will look stronger, better, more professional and—perhaps most importantly—like you are secure enough to not worry about the small details of one bad review. Done […]

Not Enough Time in Your Day? Five Things You Need to Know About Author Personal Assistants


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How do authors find time to write with so many other writing business tasks demanding attention? Sinful Thoughts Author Promotions matches authors with Personal Assistants. But what is an author personal assistant and how do you find one?  Here are some tips from the Christine, Founder of Sinful Thoughts Author Promotions:  1. What are the signs that it is time for an author to consider a personal assistant? ST: An author might want to consider hiring a personal assistant if they are finding it hard to balance writing, a full-time job and promoting their work.  If they are looking for help staying organized and following up on tasks that they haven’t had the chance to. 2. What are the main tasks a personal assistant manages? ST: A PA helps update the authors Facebook and Twitter pages, maintains their calendar, keeps track of giveaway donations and possibly sends them out electronically or […]

Have a Job, Be a Parent AND a Successful Writer – Tips by Heather Sunseri


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When you’re writing, where do you call it quits for the day?  HS—Ha! You ask as if I have a choice. Unfortunately, writing doesn’t come first in my life. I see it as a part of my overall career/job, but my husband and children come first. So, if it’s time for soccer practice and I’m in the middle of a sentence, that’s where I stop. And that actually works fine for me. When I start back up later that day or the next, I always reread the previous section written, so it’s not too hard to keep moving forward. Plus, the story is always churning in my head. I’m always working on the upcoming scenes while I drive, when I’m at the grocery store or making dinner… you get the point.  Did you have all the escalation in stakes and clues planned out in advance? Or did they come to […]