What Stops Women From Being Successful?

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Stuart Miles

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Cat Macht

Guest Writer @ GoneWithTheWord

Recently, I watched a video that had gone viral on Facebook. A number of my contacts had shared it and posted their own versions of lol. After I watched it, I wanted to unfriend a number of those women for perpetuating the subliminal message of women as weak—a message they likely didn’t even comprehend.

The video in question starts with a very pregnant woman walking onto a busy bus. No seats available. She smiles at the people, who ignore her. She pushes her belly into someone’s face. He ignores her. Then she pulls out an inflatable mallet and bludgeons him until she gets the seat.

When I first saw this, I knew the intent was that I should laugh. And I wanted to. Having been a pregnant woman on transit, it’s a far too common sight.

But I didn’t laugh. I was offended. Not because of the selfishness of the other passengers but because of her: the pregnant woman.

She boarded the bus and smiled, waiting for someone to chivalrously donate their chair to her pregnancy cause. Then when that didn’t occur, she stuck her belly in some guy’s face in an attempt to shame him into giving her the seat. But he didn’t. So instead, she pulled out an inflatable mallet and hammered him over the head.

Disgusting. Many people laughed when they saw this video. If you did too, you are part of the problem.

This video epitomizes the problem of women in our society. Women are pathetic. Few women rise above this to become someone of substance. Watch what I mean:

The first instance of her walking on with a smile, expecting someone to save her and give up a chair in a chivalrous manner is naïve. If you’re old enough to get knocked up, you’re old enough to take charge of your own needs (like a seat on a bus).

Second, the pushing of her belly in his face is passive aggressive. She didn’t ask for the chair. She attempted to shame him into it. Pathetic. If you want something, find the courage to ask for it. Otherwise, you’re a waste of estrogen.

Third, she became aggressive. No middle ground. No negotiation or requests or appeals. Just naïve to passive aggressive to outright aggressive.

And hence you have (most) women today. Especially as our society becomes more multicultural and the women driving the estrogen pool come from cultures where they are expected to be the weaker sex. This idea that women should not speak out, speak up, or even speak at all, has become horrifyingly dominant.

It’s time for women to become leaders—not just the few like Angela Merkyl, Hillary Clinton or Ayaan Hirsi Ali—but all women. Women need to work at being confident—which means being assertive in a respectful manner. (Translation: No coy smiles, passive nudges, or aggressive mallets.)

Strong women speak out, speak up and get it done.  

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