Before the Wands of Harry Potter, There Were Lightsabers

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Rudy Dees

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Does a Jedi choose its color or does the crystal in combination with the Force choose the color for the Jedi just as the sorting hat chooses houses for the Hogwarts students? Here are three interpretations:

1.  Power

Some sources claim lightsaber color function like the ranking system in the military. For example:

Blue indicates Jedi Guardians who use the Force on a physical level and/or who have not learned enough, e.g., Padawans (Jedi trainees).

Green indicates Jedi Consulars who reflect on the mysteries and use of the Force, e.g., Jedi Masters.

Yellow indicates a Jedi Sentinel, a Jedi who uses balance in the physical and mysteries of the Force, e.g., Jedi healers.

Red indicates Sith, who use the dark side of the Force. A red lightsaber is associated with power and strength, and knowing the mysteries of the light and dark side. It is also the color of anger and rage, so as a metaphor, it works in that regard as well.

 Other colors include orange, gold, purple, bronze, white, black and silver. Some of these colors indicate uncertainty, great strength, darkness, and purity.

2.  Choice of the Jedi / Sith

The color of a lightsaber has been said to be a matter of preference. Jedi would mediate over their crystals until they found a color that suits them. This theory could diminish the color to a mere fashion accessory choice. 

Another view of this choice theory focuses on the crystal, the power source of the weapon. Just as some people today believe crystals hold healing or transformative powers based on their properties (color included) so do the Jedi believe that the color is representative of certain aspects of the Force and choose the hue with desired symbolic or actual strengths. This connection then becomes both a physical and metaphorical connection between Jedi and the Force.

3.  Choice of the Force

When creating a lightsaber the seeker would mediate for many days using the Force to energize the crystals that become the heart of the lightsaber.

Jedi lightsabers are made from crystals found in the Adega system, the planets Ilum and Dantooine (known as the Crystal Cave) in the Star Wars universe. Only Jedi have access to these highly guarded planets, thus the need for Sith to create their own.

This theory suggests that the crystal manifests based on the Force’s evaluation of the Jedi meditating, just as the sorting hat in Harry Potter chooses the house that best suits the wizard, so too would the Force choose the color that best suits the Jedi.

As Grand Master Yoda says: “The heart of the lightsaber, the crystal is.” 

Whether a Jedi or Sith chooses the desired color or the lightsaber in the presence of the user’s Force energy chooses the color, or whether the color is chosen for based on your position in learning about the Force, lightsaber color is at the heart Star Wars.

If you had a lightsaber, which color would you be?

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