Walking on Sunshine Instead of Dancing in November Rain

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A cool refreshing glass of ice water… quenches the thirst, cools your pallet and feels invigorating as the cold water splashes down your throat on a hot summer day.

This year’s warm November weather allows for us to continue drinking those cold beverages rather than the hot chocolates we used to consume at this time of the year to ward off the November chill. This November weather is far removed from the cold November rain days we have been used to in Novembers past. After all, 2015 has set many record-breaking temperatures and has averaged, to date, to be the warmest year on record.

Mainstream and social media outlets continuously reference the warm weather. There are endless selfies of people on patios at lunchtime, eating and drinking as if it were summer still. 

How many of us have thought about this—I mean really, really thought about it?

News media weather journalists refer to El Niño’s, El Niña’s and the blob (an unusually warm patch of surface water, nicknamed ‘the blob’) as the reason for the warmer weather and dramatic weather along the west coast of North America, including Hurricane Patricia.

Sure, we can continue to discuss the “blob, et al”, as warm ocean currents affecting our weather, or we can have a more intelligent discourse about the larger issue at hand…CLIMATE CHANGE!

The climate is changing and the weather is chaotic and unstable. Storms have intensified and high temperature records are being broken worldwide. The ice is melting in Greenland which has created a river of water that flows and carves through the ice sheet.

In my own lifetime, I have witnessed an increase of the ocean tide by one meter, at least, warmer ocean water (as the locals and tourists exclaim in delight), and longer periods of hot, humid air masses, usually followed by severe thunderstorms with the heightened risks of tornadoes.

Further, one need only observe the nature beyond our brick and concrete jungles. What are the animals doing? What are the plants doing? According to Dr Tyson, animals are migrating north and plants are changing as well. The natural world is responding and adapting to climate change.

While you’re enjoying the warm November sun and your glass of ice water, think about this: When the ice is gone, your water will get warm—possibly too warm.

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