Inside Job – Success Tips for Entrepreneurs by Mark Sephton

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Fred E. Whyte

Writer @ GoneWithTheWord

How does your book, Inside Job, help entrepreneurs who feel “stuck” in their pursuit of success?

MS: If we ever want to change our outward experiences, we must change the inside of us. Our beliefs determine our behaviour. It’s from knowing who we are and finding our purpose in our passion which will help launch us forward. 

How do you respond to the entrepreneurs who say that they are too busy to mentor or help others?

MS:You have to think long term. Life is a marathon not a sprint. Your biggest asset in business is your reputation. Your bottom line will not grow if you have a poor reputation and you are so focused on your bottom line that you forget the very heart beat and lifeblood of your business: people.

What are some signs that others might be trying to take advantage of your generosity in terms of helping or mentoring?

MS: You can always see when people are taking advantage by their constant demands and pressure on you to give them what they want instantly. They are rarely willing to put the work in themselves, they want to be spoon fed. Often there is a lack of appreciation for the work you do. Sometimes they may ask you to do something for free, you must make the judgment call if these are opportunities for you to be generous or if it’s an attempt to benefit an individual at no cost to them.

What is the first step towards achieving success?

MS: Firstly, it’s important to define what success is to you. If you never define it, you will never reach it, if you don’t know what you’re looking for you could settle for second best.

What is the most important trait for entrepreneurs to cultivate?

MS: It’s all about being authentic. More so than ever before, we need entrepreneurs to be REAL. We must stop conforming. We must stop competing against the man and woman to our left and to our right. Your competition is against yourself. If we stop conforming to others’ expectations, we may have the time listen to what our customers really want. 

What is the best piece of personal success advice you have either given or received? 

MS: Do what you love. Discover what you are passionate about. Take a look at what you hate, sometimes our purpose is based on what we dislike. For example, child abuse. There is no need for it. Your passionate dislike for something could open up a new path for you to explore. The word passion in Greek means to suffer. What are you willing to suffer for? 

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