The World’s Oldest Profession

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Cat Macht

Guest Writer @ GoneWithTheWord

A woman I know has an arrangement with a wealthy older man. When he calls, she dolls herself up and goes—well, not running because of his penchant for super high heels, but you get the idea.

This has been going on for more than four years. Other than sex, their worlds never meet. He is a businessman who flies all over the world; she is a city girl who flies through designer clothing racks. She is a junk food junkie. He is a health nut who is focused on fiber content. They have no friends in common, no hobbies to share, nothing that ties their lives together except sex.

It seems obvious that she is a call girl. Except that one piece of paper hidden away in his home office safe calls her his wife. They both reside at the same address, albeit in different portions of the house.

So my question is: If these types of transaction-based marriages are allowed, why isn’t prostitution?

No one would dispute that he has other women in his life. Rumor has it one of them lives in a condo less than a fifteen-minute drive from his home. So monogamy isn’t an issue.

And it’s not just this woman. The city is filled with hundreds—if not thousands—of women who engage in profit dating. Essentially, they date wealthy men who will take them to fancy restaurants in their expensive cars and buy them lavish gifts. Do they much fancy these men? Not usually. But the perks are worth a few minutes of intermittent, non-enticing sex.

So if this type of dating isn’t illegal and marriages based on a trophy-sex-doll for money isn’t illegal: Why is prostitution?

Amsterdam legalized prostitution (amongst other things) and has a considerably lower crime rate than any non-legalized city. This legalization means that clients and workers resolve any issues through the legal system with lawyers and courts. In the illegal marketplace—such as Canada and the United States—these issues cannot be resolved through legal channels and thus enforcement often takes on violent tactics.

The way I see it is that you can decriminalize prostitution and make it safer for the men and women who engage in this industry, or you can criminalize all those who have found a way to have prostitutes in their lives without any stigma.

But to uphold both viewpoints is hypocritical.

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