Tell Me About Yourself – 3 Components of Successful Interview Answers

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Almost every job interview contains a question about you as a person. What the interviewer wants is to determine if you are compatible with both the position and team at hand. 

What an interviewer is looking for with these types of questions is a sign that you are a well-rounded person. They are looking for three indicators:

  1. Works well solo
  2. Works well as a team member
  3. Has a good social life/support network

 So how do you show the interviewer that you are the perfect, well-rounded applicant? By picking an example of each of the above and working them into a succinct answer.

For example, a teacher friend came to me and asked me to help her figure out an answer to this question for a pending interview. Here are the points we came up with:

  1. Knitting designer
  2. Volleyball coach
  3. Social coordinator for her church

These examples weren’t picked at random. Here is why they work:

  1. Knitting pattern design requires attention to detail and shows creativity as well.
  2. Volleyball coach indicates healthy pursuits and an ability to work well with—and motivate—others.
  3. Social coordinator shows that she is good at organization and interpersonal relations, plus that she has a strong support network and strong faith (it was a Catholic teaching position she was applying for).

With the examples outlined, we needed to put it together into a succinct and conversational blurb that she could deliver in a confident and straightforward way. This is what we came up with:

In my last position, I worked as the head coach of the girls’ volleyball team and had a blast, especially when we traveled to Ottawa for the championship. In my personal life, I design complex knitting patterns like lacework dress for my sister. I also work as the social coordinator for my church and am currently planning a charity fundraiser.

 The response is short in terms of delivery time, but it packs an information wallop. More than just covering the points listed above, it also adds some additional and impressive information. The addition of the volleyball championship shows her to be a good coach. The dresses designed for her sisters shows attention to detail and generosity since it isn’t just stuff for herself. And finally, the involvement in the church shows an organizational strength as well as an ability to fundraise which most schools can use to their own benefit.

If you want to be successful in a job interview, it is important to be aware of the questions you will be asked and how you will respond. This will increase your appearance of confidence and professionalism. 

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