Not Enough Time in Your Day? Five Things You Need to Know About Author Personal Assistants

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Carrie De Simas

Editor in Chief @ GoneWithTheWord

How do authors find time to write with so many other writing business tasks demanding attention? Sinful Thoughts Author Promotions matches authors with Personal Assistants. But what is an author personal assistant and how do you find one?  Here are some tips from the Christine, Founder of Sinful Thoughts Author Promotions: 

1. What are the signs that it is time for an author to consider a personal assistant?

ST: An author might want to consider hiring a personal assistant if they are finding it hard to balance writing, a full-time job and promoting their work.  If they are looking for help staying organized and following up on tasks that they haven’t had the chance to.

2. What are the main tasks a personal assistant manages?

ST: A PA helps update the authors Facebook and Twitter pages, maintains their calendar, keeps track of giveaway donations and possibly sends them out electronically or in the mail, answers fan questions when they can, assists with managing the street team and helps promote the author’s work.  The PA can contact bloggers and ask them to post sales, info on new releases, anything they want to get the word out on.  The PA also helps the author stay organized.

3. What kind of return on investment can an author expect from working with a personal assistant?

ST: A PA helps free up the author’s time so they can write and edit with minimal interruption.  They also respond to inquiries from fans and street teams members when the author is unable to.  

4. How much does it cost to have a personal assistant?

ST: PAs are usually paid between 8-12% of sales.  But there are also a lot out there that don’t get paid at all.  They do however get perks such as signed books, swag, gift cards and reading the author’s work before anyone else.  Those that agree to do it without pay know there is a possibility to get paid in the future if the author’s work sells well.

5. What criteria do you use to match up assistants with writers?

ST: I find out what genre(s) the author writes.  It’s very important that the PA read within that genre and is familiar with it.  I then send the author some information on potential PAs. If there is one person that the author is interested in then I contact the candidate.

I ask if the candidate has heard of or read anything by the author.  If not, the author sends a book or more to the candidate to read.  I inform the candidate that it is very important that they are honest with me about the book(s) when they are finished reading them.  The last thing anyone involved wants is a PA who doesn’t like the author’s work but has to help promote them.

If the candidate likes the author’s book(s) and wants to work with them then the match is made.  If not, we look for someone else.  

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    You could not have asked a better blog for help with this article. Thank you so much for recognizing their mad PA-matching skills! Sinful Thoughts is two fabulous women who relentlessly support indie authors, many who wouldn’t be where they are without the unwavering support of Sinful Thoughts and other blogs of their caliber. Bravo!

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