Killer Cancer to End All Life

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Cancer. A word that is associated with fear. When we hear the word cancer we have visions of a painful, sometimes slow, eventual death.

What is cancer? Cancer cells are cells gone wrong. Mutations (i.e., random changes to the normal cell) in genes can cause cancer by accelerating cell division rates or inhibiting normal controls on body systems. These cells no longer respond to many of the signals that control cellular growth and death. Over time, cancer cells become increasingly resistant to the controls that maintain normal tissue (i.e., divide more rapidly and become less dependent on signals from other cells). Eventually, cancer cells break through normal tissue boundaries and spread to new sites in the body causing tissue/organ failure and eventually killing the host (or person).

Gaia is host to many living systems. Many of these life forms are under tremendous stress which threatens their very survival.

One very specific life system is out of control: the organism is growing rapidly, changing its environment, and ignoring the signals of survival needed by the host and the very organism itself. Much like a cancer cell that reproduces rapidly, this dangerous life form is feeding off the host and seems set to continue on this path until both host and cancer-like life form are dead.

Cancer is unchecked cell growth. It kills its host and, thus, itself in the process. Gaia, planet Earth, is host to many plants and animals. Humans, much like cancer cells, reproduce exponentially and has a significant influence on this planet; mostly destructive behaviour that damages its host, namely Earth.

How to humans manage cancer? Cancer cells are attacked with radiation treatments and chemotherapy. These very treatments have serious consequences specific to the treated organ or system and the overall health of the host human.

Human behaviour has had a tremendous impact on Earth—mostly negative. Toxic gases, toxic chemicals, harmful wastes, etc., have placed horrific stress and pressures on most life systems. However, the Earth has responded and has begun its cancer treatments using such methods as climate change and species extinction.

Humans fear cancer and yet, we behave like the very cancer cells we fear. To planet Earth the cancer is people.

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