How to Make a Shark Attack Blanket – DIY with Instructions

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RC Gunn

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Shark blankets are the super scariest blankets this side of the bed. Kids love them. Sometimes to sleep in, sometimes to play in, sometimes to feed their stuffed animals into. Whatever their focus, no kid can resist these blankets. 

What’s great about them is that they are super simple to make! Grab an old blanket and a measuring tape. All you really need is some fabric in the colours your child would like, and a sewing machine. You can do it old-school with a needle and thread if you have patience and time–but chances are that if you have kids you have none of that handy! 

First, sketch out the body of the shark either onto newspaper as a kind of template, or free hand onto your fabric. The height of it should be from the tip of your child’s toes to their neck…unless they want to be completely devoured by the shark, then to the top of their head.


About two thirds of the way down, narrow the body of it for the tail look. Then you can sketch out two fins and the tail. I made the tail part of the body and then stitched a secondary colour over top of it. I did this so that the part where the feet would tuck in would have extra structure. 


Cut the top of the shark (the opening) into a gently sloping curve (think the curvature of the earth) and then sew some red material onto it for the mouth. 

Some sturdy white material (felt or an old sweatshirt work great) in the same arc as the red, then cut small triangles out of it all the way around. 

Finally, grab a tea cup and trace out two eyes. Grab a smaller cup and trace out two black pupils. Sew them together, then sew them onto the shark. 


You will want to use a material that is sturdy for this project. Anything that is 100 per cent cotton or thinner might stretch out when the child (or all the stuffed animals) are inside it. You want the blanket to hold its shape, so choose something with minimal stretch, or else thicker and less prone to stretching. 

Voila! Jaws blanket! Da-da. Da-da. Da-da-da-da-da-da.