What Came First, The Star or the Star Wars?

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Star or Star Wars

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Carrie De Simas

Editor in Chief @ GoneWithTheWord

Star Wars is one of the most successful film series of all time. More than just a series, it has become, if you can pardon the pun, an Empire.

But when it was first released in 1977 many of the cast were relatively unknown. Yet in a strange twist of fate, the lives of the actors’ characters seem to have influenced the outcome of actors. So what came first? The star? Or the Star Wars. Let’s check and see:

1.  Carrie Fischer

Fischer was born to perhaps Hollywood’s hottest couple: Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fischer. If that wasn’t enough, her father famously left her mother for the even-more famous Elizabeth Taylor. So with two huge stars as parents and Taylor as a step-parent, you have no choice but to be a star—and outrageously screwed up as well.

 Alter Ego: Leia (Skywalker) Organa

Leia is the rebel who endures endless hardships from the destruction of her planet to the discovery that her father is Darth Vader. That’s enough to drive anyone to rebellion—or drink. 

Conclusion: 1st Place = Star; 2nd Place = Star Wars

Fischer/Organa could have had no other option but to act out. Leia’s choice was rebel spy. Fischer’s famously chose variations of self-destruction, but then, she didn’t have the option of being an intergalactic spy and savior readily available.

 2.  Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford was initially George Lucas’s carpenter. He eventually won himself the Han Solo role through sheer determination and his performance as he read lines for actors auditioning for roles in Lucas’ films. 

Alter Ego: Han Solo

Han Solo is the cocky but brilliant smuggler who is integral in saving the galaxy. He flies the Millennium Falcon through untold challenges from intergalactic crappy weather and enemy pursuit. 

Conclusion: 1st Place = Star Wars; 2nd Place = Star

Ford/Solo: When his flying vehicle needed an emergency landing, he risked his own life to fly to a golf coarse rather than risk lives flying to the nearest airport. Was that Han Solo or Harrison Ford? Harrison! Thus, Ford has become Hans and vice versa.

 3.  George Lucas

Finally, the plaid shirt wearing master of the universe—uh, the Star Wars universe that is: George Lucas. He started without famous neighbors or superstar parents. His first film venture failed miserably but he kept going until he found his groove. And he’s still grooving to the tune of about $5 billion.

Conclusion: 1st Place = Star; 2nd Place = Star Wars

George Lucas: though he wasn’t born a star, his never-give-up mentality and dedication to his passion has garnered him financial and superstar success. His further dedication to his craft, fans and true-to-himself plaid shirts renders him the truest kind of star: the one that keeps shining. 

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