Black History Month and Other Cons

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Stuart Miles

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Jasmine King

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February is black history month. How ridiculous is that? Every minority culture wants equality—or so they claim. But a month set aside to celebrate only one culture is racism with a healthy dash of entitlement. If you really want equality then where is white history month? But oh no, whites celebrating whites is racism but blacks or Arabs or Jews or Indians celebrating themselves is cultural pride. Why is that?

Black history month started as a week in the middle of February intended to teach the history of American blacks. The date was chosen because it coincided with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln (February 12) and that of Frederick Douglass (February 14).

I’m not just picking on ethnic groups. Women are just as stupid. We claim to want equality. Yet, February hosts Valentine’s Day where otherwise independent, strong women suddenly turn into entitled princesses who expect men to buy them roses, chocolate and jewelry—all at extortionist prices. On any other day, women are capable of buying their own overpriced frivolity. But on this day, women want men to prove something, not through daily actions, but through paying ridiculous sums on a specific commercial date. Why you ask? To prove love and romantic intentions? That is almost as fanciful a notion as the mythology of the Christian saint for whom the day was allegedly named.

Though the Church has tried to connect this date to a martyred saint whose origins are unknown, whose actions aren’t confirmed, and whose story cannot be agreed upon, the truth is that the Christian church chose this day and its focus in an attempt to Christianize another Pagan holiday (same as Christmas and Easter…look them up!)

The pagan celebration of Lupercalia was celebrated at the ides of February (the 15th of the month). It was a fertility festival with rituals that were said to make crops and women more fertile.

So then, what is the real reason that women want romantic dinners and presents on this day? (Lean in guys.) The truth is that females are notorious for competing with their gal pals. And they don’t typically compete through monetary success, employment victories, or entrepreneurial engagement. No, they compete by comparing who has the best man. “Best” is often determined through factors like who buys their woman the most, biggest, or priciest presents—nothing homemade or unique here please! This is about cash, not consideration.

What does it say about these groups that they want to be celebrated without having earned anything? On a date randomly selected either by historical persons or big business? How about we choose months to celebrate accomplishments such as abuse survivors’ month?

If you want to be celebrated, find a way to rise above your history or limitations and become a person of success and positive influence. Earn it.

Otherwise, you are nothing more than a zoo animal or a prostitute, spotlighted and celebrated during specific moments and then forgotten once people return to their daily life.

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