5 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Toxic People Out of Your Life Right Now

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Karyn Connor

Senior Editor @ GoneWithTheWord

5 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Toxic People Out of Your Life Right Now

  1. They sap your energy. Depressed and angry people generally live in a state of exhaustion and tend to die younger. This is because toxic people don’t tend to have good sleeping or eating habits. They tend to look for quick fixes to feel better which leads them to engage in high-risk behaviors like smoking, drugs, excessive alcohol, splurge shopping, or reckless risk-taking.
  2. Toxic people will destroy your other relationships. They take up your time and thoughts. As you struggle to come to terms with whatever they have done or said, you will likely seek the opinions of others, or vent to others. Which is fine if it’s an occasional thing. But toxic people aren’t just having a bad day; they are just bad and often determined to stay that way. As you vent to other people on an increasingly regular basis, they will start to resent your perpetual negativity. You will alienate positive people and attract negative ones thus perpetuating the negativity and increasing your own chances of becoming toxic.
  3. If you allow yourself to stay in a relationship with a toxic person they will eventually drag you down with them. You may have begun by not believing their negativity either about the world or about you, but we all have bad days where we fall into a slump. Most of us pull right back out again but if you have a toxic person around she will reinforce your fears until you start to wonder if she is right. This can lead to you then believing the negativity and becoming toxic too.
  4. You cannot save them or even help them. Only they can. People who want to be happy and healthy will find a way to do so. Every life has challenges. People determined to be happy will find ways to move past barriers and embrace life’s successes. Toxic people cling to past disappointments and hurts. Any talk about getting help, changing, or moving on will always be set in the future, never right now.
  1. Life is too short to lose time, energy, happiness and moments to someone determined to be miserable and drown you in misery too. Weeds will try and grow beside beautiful flowers. You need to uproot them or they steal the nutrients and kill the flowers. Keep in mind that toxic people don’t view themselves as toxic; they hide behind a veil of victimization, which can sometimes make it hard for us to see their toxicity. The key to differentiating between healthy people in a tough spot and toxic people is: healthy people find ways to move beyond whatever has befallen them. Toxic people cling to life’s negative moments and try to find others to hold captive in that state as well. Don’t be that hostage.


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