How To Write A Successful Serialized Series — Tips by Boystown Author Jake Biondi

May 13, 2015 by Karyn Connor

The Boystown series by Jake Biondi began as an online story released in installments, but was published in book form with the third book released on May 1, 2015. How much has reader feedback influenced plot or character decisions? JB: I love hearing from Boystown readers and fans — and I continue

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Humanize your Villains

July 29, 2015 by Rudy Dees

You cannot have a story that does not have heroes and villains. Otherwise, you don’t have a story. You need bad guys to create conflict and you need good guys to reduce the conflict and bring the plot to a final resolution. Or do you? Warner doesn’t seem to think

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Before the Wands of Harry Potter, There Were Lightsabers

May 3, 2015 by Rudy Dees

Does a Jedi choose its color or does the crystal in combination with the Force choose the color for the Jedi just as the sorting hat chooses houses for the Hogwarts students? Here are three interpretations: 1.  Power Some sources claim lightsaber color function like the ranking system in the

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Five Things You Need to Know About Designing Your Book Cover

July 22, 2015 by William Tanner

The book cover is probably the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. Managing it is about more than just choosing a good cover model or stock image. In fact, it is not about what you choose but rather how you use it.  Answer these questions to decide if you

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