Erotica – Then and Now

March 18, 2015 by Jessica Slade

Erotica used to be considered fiction for the one-handed reader. Unfortunately, there are still many writers who believe that this is all it takes to successfully publish erotic fiction. Some writers still believe that all you need to do is string together a series of sex scenes which are all

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Advice on Writing Fiction Without the “God Crutch”

March 4, 2015 by Rudy Dees

How did your social psychology training and your work as an advice columnist affect your novel about a woman forced to endure life’s harshest loss? SKP: As Kylie’s Heel was being written and revised many times over nearly a decade, and as my own non-theistic views became firmer, the focus of

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How To Properly Use Setting in a Novel

September 10, 2014 by Carrie De Simas

Focus your character’s awareness of the setting through the sharp point-of-view (POV) of their emotional, psychological and social backgrounds. What they see and notice (aka what they/you as the author share with us) has to mean something.  For example, a man I once dated took me to meet his best

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Should a Writer Pay for Professional Editing?

March 25, 2015 by Cotton Nightie

When I started writing, I was lucky to have avid and responsive readers of my short stories. I was a true amateur, drawn into the craft of writing as a passion instead of a profession. Those friends helped me interpret my own words by providing feedback on what did and

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